the brief \ what we did

In the Spring of 2014 Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO approached us to do a major overhaul of their Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program's existing website - MOTOR TREND Certified Vehicles.

Working closely with APCO Creative Director Khalil Thompson and his marketing team, we laid out a plan to simplify the existing website and make it much more engaging, informative and useful to visitors. APCO's brilliant graphic designer, Kimberly Holloway designed an infographic that answers the questions: What's a certified pre-owned vehicle? And what are the benefits of CPO? From this we created a storyboard for an animated scrolling journey that brought the infographic to life.

We developed a responsive site chock-full of animations. Thanks to the first-class javascript animation library, GreenSock, visitors on mobile screens and modern browsers receive the full animated experience. The new website was live six weeks after development began.

MOTOR TREND Certified Vehicles program improved the number of dealerships that participate in their vehicle services program by 80% in the first 6 months after the site went live

We received a couple of accolades (our first ever) for our web development work... we were pretty psyched to say the least.

It's now two years later and we're still happily working with the MOTOR TREND Certified marketing team to create great digital marketing products. MOTOR TREND Certified in Hand