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Coilmaster Corporation


Coilmaster Corporation

Coilmaster Corporation

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Coilmaster Website
Coilmaster Homepage
cmcRDpg-CinemaDisplay R&D Page with custom designed graphics.

cmc-tablet-home homepage on a tablet device.

Resources Page of

We had the opportunity to meet with personel from various functions at Coilmaster – HR, Engineering, Marketing and R&D to name a few. We found that they actually had a lot of existing, though unpublished, information that customers would likely find useful and informative. So we decided to repurpose the existing content and make it available on the new website. The result: increases in both site traffic and organic search engine results page position.

Human Resources Employee Application Page of

After meeting with Coilmaster’s Director of HR we decided to help move the employee application process online.

Coilmaster Product 360 View

We worked with Coilmaster’s engineering department to create a custom turntable that could handle up to a ton of weight and accurately rotate in 5° increments in order to photograph each of the company’s products 360°. Dreaming up the plans for the turntable and then having the awesome engineers at Coilmaster make it a reality was pretty definitely a highlight of the project. The editing of the hundreds of product images that resulted… not so much.

Coilmaster Tablet View homepage on desktop computer.

Coilmaster Organic Search Rank Number 1 for Coil Manufacturers organic search rank #1; keyword "Coil Manufacturer"

Coilmaster Organic Search Rank Number 1 for Refrigeration Coils organic search rank #1; keyword "Refrigeration Coils"

Coilmaster Brand Guidelines

Coilmaster Corporation brand guidelines booklet

Coilmaster EzCoil Branding

Coilmaster’s coil selection application branding

We produced this company overview video which features interviews with various employees & Coilmaster’s CEO. Note the aerial video clip at the end of the video that we used our multi-copter to get 🙂

We produced this video that was played on a loop outside of Coilmaster’s trade show booth at the AHR Expo. We did some pretty sweet CGI animations for this video. See the image below.

Coilmaster CGI Animation